Sweet Potato Soup Attempt 1: Thai Style

So the idea was to design my own Sweet Potato soup recipe.

Why sweet potato soup? Why not:

They are:

  • High in vitamin B6
  • Good source of vitamin C & D
  • Contain Iron
  • Contain Magnesium
  • Contain Potassium
  • Low GI
  • High in carotnoids

Anyway, less health and more recipe.

I pretty much started by looking at different articles online to get an idea of quantities of ingredients, different combo of flavours etc… etc.. to come up with mine, its possible that it resembles another recipe, but this is all my doing :P


1 KG of Sweet Potatoes
5 Cups of Campballs low sodium chicken stock
1 cayenne chilli
25 grams of fresh ginger
1/2 of a nutmeg seed/pod/whatever you call them
4 big Kaffir lime leaves
Juice of 1 lime
1.5 tsp of Fish Sauce
Fresh basil
Black pepper to taste
1 tbs of brown suger
165ml can of coconut cream.

I used a smallish home grown cayenne, you can pretty much use what you want if you want more or less heat. The Cayenne added nice flavour and a nice chilli tingle without being too hot or building.

Chilli heat is subjective of course so go with what you know / prefer.

We have our own Kaffir lime tree, so we have nice big leaves to choose from.. Really wish I weighed them for acccuracy though…


Using a microplane, grate the ginger untill you have 25grams and bung it in a large pot.
Slice the chilli and bung it in
Dice the sweet potato into 2cm chunks, doesnt really matter its just to speed up cooking… Chuck em in the pot.
Bung in the stock
Grate in half a nutmeg seed
Bruise and tear (not into small bits) 3 kaffir lime leaves and chuck em in
Squeeze in the juice, then drop in the rind.

Bring to the boil then simmer for about 20 min or until the sweet spuds are soft.

Fish out the lime halves and kaffir lime leaves.

Add the coconut cream, a good handful of basil leaves, the last kaffir lime leaf, sugar, a good wack of pepper and the fish sauce and blend using a stick blender (or transfer it to your blender blender)

Add more basil to taste if you think it needs it.

Really happy with this, not sure there is much I would change.

I’ve written the method pretty much exactly the same as I made it..

So with the kaffir lime leaves, I removed them as I initially planned to do, but you could taste somthing was missing so I threw another big leaf in hit it with the stick blender.

This did mean you didnt get a super smooth soup, however it added more flavour and occasionally you would get a bit of leaf that added a bang of flavour.

The sugar was an unplanned planed addition. I’ve made an awesome sweet potato mash which used brown sugar and rum.. So I had both of those in the back of my head if it needed an adjustment to get the flavour right.

The basil was an extra addition that was hit with the blender in the same way as the kaffir lime, wasnt initially planned but finished it off nicely. Same deal. Added flavour over all, and you got the odd hit of basil now and then.

I served it with Pana di casa bread just torn up and chucked in, I like eating soup that way.

Potential tweaks? Perhaps some Kaffir lime rind, Thai Basil instead of normal basil.. And maybe lemon grass to make it more “Thai”

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Goodbeer Week Events 2013

On the off chance that anyone actually cares what I’m doing during good beer week :D

Sunday 19th

Going Large: Mountain Goat IPA Dinner at Rockwell and Sons.

Was tossing up doing the Josie Bones event as well, but how much food can one fat man eat in one Afternoon..

Ok plenty, but thats not the point… Probably works out well since the mate I am dragging around good beer week lands back in Melbourne on Sunday morning… He thought it was Saturday night… :D

Monday 20th
Great Beer Buffet at Temple Brewery.

Beer… Buffet… Sounded good to me!

Tuesday 21th

Old Salt Brewing Co. Adventure on the high seas


Moon Dog & Rockwell Collaboration Brew Party

The adventures on the high seas is one of the more unique events of this years GBW.. And quite possibly the stupidest one :D Why? Beer… Boat… Boat… Beer… Am I painting a picture? Maybe a technicolour one?

Luckily it’s only in the bay, and I like boats.. Could be an interesting one though.

I’ve also been to Rockwell and Sons precisely zero times before GBW… and it’s the second time in 3 days. Hard to pass up a Moon dog event.

Wednesday 22nd
Brewers & Chewers at the taphouse.

Was a pretty damn good event last year. We got lucky and had the table with Denise from Moylan’s as well as one of the owners of the taphouse, Guy. So plenty of great beery conversation, only lowlight is Kjetil wouldn’t share the recipe for Sweet Horizon! :D

Thursday 23rd
Believe it or not, no GBW events today. It’s our 9yr anniversary and since no one ran with my excellent idea of a beer widows romantic dinner thing we are going to try out Melba at the Langham..

Friday 24th
Beermen.TV presents: The Hair of the Dog Breakfast





The Beermen boys are back doing the Hair of the Dog, It’s a cracker of an event and a nice warm up for GABS..

Not sure if we will crash the Arvo session after the brekkie finishes or hit up the Evening session.. But either way.. There are a lot of beers to try.. and so little time to try them!

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th

Gabs Arvo sessions… Season pass is genius! GENIUS!

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GABS 2013 Drinking Order

With GABS 2013 just around the corner its time to try and put together a drinking order list.

This year they are mixing it up… a lot, rather then 4 bars serving all the beers, they have split it up into 6 sections, and the bit I think is a bit silly… each section had about 16 beers.

Now why didn’t they use some common sense and aim for multiples of 5? Each paddle is 5, having a round number makes sense.

I’m on the fence on if this approach is going to be better then last year, but the good thing is the guys were open to change the procedure on the fly if something just wasn’t working, so all going well this idea of theirs pays off.

It does make producing a drinking order a hell of a lot harder.

The approach I have taken, for now anyway, is to put each section in to drinking order. And for now, go section by section.. Or at least, 2 paddles at once from each section as I go.. I am doing 3 sessions so should have plenty of time to try them all.

You can find the official guide here

On to the drinking order… And this may change as I review it, but for now……

Section 1

Paddle 1:

[7] THE AUSTRALIAN BREWERY “Frühstück rur dem Kaiser” (Breakfast for the Kaiser) (5.5%) (Pilsner)
[8] BACCHUS BREWING CO “White Chocolate Raspberry Pils” (4.8%) (pilsner)
[3] 4 HEARTS BREWING CO.“Cluster F@ck” (3.5%) (Mild IPA)
[14] BLUE SKY BREWERY “Blue Sky Golden Ale” (4%) (English Ale)
[4] 4 PINES BREWING CO “Dunkel Monkey” (6.1%) (Dunkel)

Paddle 2:

[9] BAIRD BREWING CO “Daidai Pale Ale” (5.5%) (Pale Ale)
[16] BOOTLEG BREWERY “Tom’s Oaked Amber Ale” (4%) (Amber Ale)
[5] 7 CENT BREWERY “Wet Willie” (7%) (Wet Harvest Ale)
[2] 3 RAVENS BREWERY “Black 55” (5.5%) (Black APA)
[12] BIRRA DEL BORGO “Myrtle’s Bunga Bunga Party”

(7.5%) (Spiced Ale)

Paddle 3:

[13] BLACK HEART BREWERY “The Full English” (6.1% (English IPA)
[11] BIRBECK’S BREWING CO “The Merchant (7.2%) (Mid 1800’s Style Black IPA)
[15] BOATROCKER BREWERY “Hop Bomb IPA” (6.5%) (American IPA)
[10] BAROSSA VALLEY BREWING “Omega Centauri” (8.5%) (Dark IIPA)
[6] 8 WIRED BREWING “Merge Like a Zip”

(9.5%) (Dark IIPA)

Paddle 4:

[1]2 BROTHERS BREWERY “The Magic Pudding”

(9.5%) (Sticky Ale)

Section 2

Paddle 1:

[28] EDGE BREWING PROJECT “NZ Wheat” (6%) (Wheat Ale)
[22] CAMDEN TOWN BREWERY “Camden vs Alsace” (4.8%) (Altbier)
[32] FERAL BREWING CO COLLABORATION WITH WIG & PEN TAVERN “Pig Pen (2013 AIBA Collaborator)” (5.6%) (Free Range Ale)
[21] BURLEIGH BREWING CO “Hassle Hop” (5%) (Strong Pale Ale)
[18] BROOKLYN BREWERY “Grand Cru” (8.5) (Belgian wWitbier)

Paddle 2:

[19] BRIDGE ROAD BREWERS “Hop to it Honey” (6%) (Honey IPA)
[25] THE CROUCHER BREWING “Nuclear Free ANZUS IPA” (5.9%) (IPA)
[30] THE FACTORY “Hoperotic (7.2%) (Belgian Ale)
[26] DOCTOR’S ORDERS BREWING “Intravenous Elixir” (7.7%) (Belgian Black IPA)
[31] FERAL BREWING CO “Barrique O Karma” (6.5) (Black IPA?)

Paddle 3:

[27] DUCKSTEIN BREWERY “Duckstein Porter” (6%) (Porter)
[17] BREWCULT “Acid Freaks” (7.5%) (Balsamic Baltic Porter)
[29] ENDEAVOUR (WITH FLAT ROCK BREW CAFÈ) “Shipwrecked (5.5%) (Robust Porter)
[23] CHEEKY MONKEY BREWERY & CIDERY “Imperial Red Ale” (7.6%) (Imperial Red Ale)
[24] COLONIAL BREWING CO “Gary the White” (6.6%) (White Stout)

Paddle 4:

[20] BRIGHT BREWERY “Supermucilaginisticexpialidocious” (10%) (Barley Wine)


Section 3

Paddle 1:

[44] JAMES SQUIRE “Cast of Thousands” (4.7%) (Hefeweizen)
[42] THE INDIAN OCEAN BREWING CO “Dark Lager” (4.6%) (Vienna Lager)
[38] THE GRIFTER BREWING CO “Mr Midnight” (5%) (Black Rye Witbier)
[36] GRAND RIDGE BREWERY “The Dark Side Of Juniper” (5.2%) (Dark Lager)
[41] ILLAWARRA BREWING CO “French Kiss” (6.6%) (Farmhouse Ale)

Paddle 2:

[46] LAST DROP BREWERY “Last Drop ESB” (5%) (ESB)
[45] KOOINDA BREWERY “Mosaic American Pale Ale” (4.5%) (APA)
[34] GARAGE PROJECT “Death from Above” (7.5%) (Indochine Pale Ale)
[35] GOLDEN BEAR BREWING “I Peach A” (6.8%) (IPA)
[43] IRONHOUSE BREWERY “Holy Smoke ” (7%) (Black IPA)

Paddle 3:

[40] HOPDOG BEERWORKS “An American Werewolf In Belgium” (6.5) (Belgian IPA)
[33] GAGE ROADS BREWING CO “Double Giant” (7.8%) (English IIPA)
[37] GREEN BEACON BREWING “Uppercut Round 1” (7.5) (IIPA)
[39] HARBOUR BREWING CO “Spiced Imperial Chocolate Stout” (8.7%) (Imperial Stout)


Section 4

Paddle 1:

[52] MASH BREWING “The Grasscutter” (5.5%) (Lawnmower Ale)
[60] MOUNTAIN GOAT BEER “Andy’s Reserve Amber Ale” (5.5%) (Spiced Amber Ale)
[62] MOYLAN’S BREWING CO “Moylan’s International Rye Pale Ale” (5.4%) (Rye APA)
[59] MORRISON BREWERY “IPA ” (6.2%) (English IPA)
[61] THE MONK BREWERY & KITCHEN + Eagle Bay Brewing Co “Cacao Cabana” (5.5%) (Choc Brown Hefeweizen)

Paddle 2:

[50] LORD NELSON BREWERY HOTEL “Black Eyed Rye” (5.2%) (Dark Rye Ale)
[56] MOA BREWING CO “Moa Blackhops IPA” (6%) (Black IPA)
[47] LIBERTY BREWING CO “C!tra Junior” (4.5%) (1/2 IIPA)
[54] McCASHIN’S BREWERY “Great Oak” (5.6%) (Red/Brown Ale)
[49]LITTLE CREATURES BREWERY “Shepherd’s Warning” (7.7%) (Red IPA)

Paddle 3:

[51] OLD SALT BREWING CO “Like a Sunrise” (5.5) (Porter)
[57] MOON DOG CRAFT BREWERY (WITH NØGNE Ø BREWERY) “Selvmordstokt” (7.6% (Wheat Porter)
[58] MORNINGTON PENINSULA BREWERY “Commonfolk Brown” (7%) (Imperial Brown)
[55] MIKE’S ORGANIC BREWERY “mike’s Udderlicious Milk Stout” (5.5%) (Milk Stout)
[53] MATILDA BAY BREWING CO “Black Boris” (7.5%) (Belgian Black)

Paddle 4:

[48] THE LITTLE BREWING CO “Mad Abbot Christmas Ale” (11%) (Christmas Ale)


Section 5

Paddle 1:

[71] RED HILL BREWERY “Festbier” (5.7%) (Marzen)
[65] O’BRIEN BEER “O’Brien Black Lager” (5.5%) (Schwarzbier)
[64] THE MUSSEL INN “Bush Baby” (5%) (New Zealand Bush Beer)
[69] RED DUCK “Orange Mosaic” (Belgian Fruit Wit)

Paddle 2:

[74]SIERRA NEVADA BREWING CO “Return of the Red Eye IPA” (6.5) (IPA)
[72] RENAISSANCE BREWING “Enlightenment” (4.8%) (Scotch Ale)
[63] MURRAY’S CRAFT BREWING CO “The Caveman” (6.2%) (Smoked Belgian Dark Ale)
[77] STEFANO’S MILDURA BREWERY “Winter Sun” (6.8%) (Winter Warmer)
[66] PARROTDOG “BloodyDingo” (8%) (Red IIPA)

Paddle 3:

[75] SIX STRING BREWING CO “Chai Porter” (6.1%) (Spiced Ale/Porter)
[78] SUMMER WINE BREWERY “Warthog” (6.5%) (Porter)
[73] RIVERSIDE BREWING CO “Breakfast By The River” (5.4%) (Smoked Coffee Porter)
[67] PINCHGUT BREWING CO “Bjørn’s Red “Ø1” (7%) (Danish Imperial Red Stout)
[68] PRICKLY MOSES “Black Stallion” (7.8%) (Imperial Stout)

Paddle 4:

[76] SOUTHERN BAY BREWING “Le Petit Tronc avec Pêche” (6.6%) (Fruit/Veg Beer)

Section 6

Paddle 1:

[91]YOUNG HENRY’S BREWING CO. “Divine Manchu” (1.5%) (Kombacha Beer)
[84] TOWNSHEND BREWERY “Riwaka Ale” (3.7%) (Ordinary Bitter)
[85] TRUE SOUTH BREWERY “Killer Python Kölsch” (4.8%) (Killer Python Kolsh)
[89] WHITE RABBIT BREWERY “Teddywidder” (3.5%) (Berliner Weisse)
[80] TEMPLE BREWING CO “Scarlet Super” (4.5%) (Sour Wheat Beer)

Paddle 2:

[86] TWO BIRDS BREWING “Taco” (5.2%) (Wheat Beer)
[88] WAYWARD BREWING CO “Saizen” (4.2%) (Saison)
[83] THUNDER ROAD BREWING “Hop Star Extra Pale Ale” (5.2%) (Extra Pale Ale)
[82] THORNBRIDGE BREWERY “Colorado Red” (5.9%) (Red Ale)

Paddle 3:

[79] SYDNEY BREWERY “Stormy Winter’s Morning Rise” (6.5%) (Oatmeal IPA)
[90] YEASTIE BOYS “Golden Age of Bloodshed” (6.5%) (Beated Belgian Blond)
[87] VAN DIEMAN BREWING “Dubbel Shot” (6.6%) (Belgian Coffee Dubbel)
[81] THIRSTY CROW & WILLIAM BULL BREWERY “Charlie’s Pitbull” (8.2%) (American Stout)

So there we have it, feel free to debate the order in the comments below :D

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Good Beer Week 2013 Event Idea!

With Good Beer Week 2013 being announced today I am once again reminded that my favourite event of the year, happens to be the same week of my Anniversary.. Now I’m pretty sure next year marks 9 long years my poor partner has had to put up with me.

I feel sorry for her, and so should you. She’d probably get less for murder…. :D

Anyway… It got me thinking.

While there are a lot of beery couples out there, there are more partners out there who have to put up with the their significant others stumbling home at 2am after having a big night out…..All week for those of us who are keen! And while 2am may seem early for some… Try catching the last Belgrave train home each night :D

So…. Hopefully a venue likes this idea and runs with it…. How about a “Thank your Partner Beer Event” Of course it will need a better a name, but the idea is basically…. Couples tables, Romantic type setting… Good Beer, and dare I say it… Wine and cocktails… some great food… And an opportunity to thank our significant others for being significant! Oh and very understanding of our late nights and obsession with the nectar of the gods.

Oh… And maybe it should be hosted (or just guests of honour?) by Karen and David Golding from Red Hill Brewery… Icing on the cake!

So being that it is my idea, the 23rd of May would be awesome. But really, I think its a fun concept that gets our partners involved, even if they don’t drink beer, and its a good way to say thanks.

What do you guys think? Feel free to bag it, or love it, in the comments :D

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Good Beer Week Drinking Order

I’m sure all us beer Snobs are going to create a list of recommended drinking orders, and there will be much debate about what should go where…

This is the first Draft of my List. Not having tried any of the beers does make it harder. Things like IPA have been ordered purely on IBU. Some I really don’t know the style well enough to make a call.. Some I’ve plain old guessed..

A  big thanks to Adrian Pua for typing all the GABS list up in to a nice spreadsheet for use.

Anyway, here it is.. Enjoy:


# Brewery Name Style ABV(%) IBU
55 Feral Watermelon Warhead Berliner Weisse 2.9 6
38 Kooinda Karaka Bier Fruit Belgian Witbier 5 15
10 Harringtons A Bit of Kiwi Wit NZ Witbier 5 18
27 The Mash Collective Amasia Rumweizen 7 n/a
36 Hargreaves Hill La Grisette Grisette 3.8 23
43 Prickly Moses Otway ChainSAW Australian Wheat Ale 4.8 14
17 Burleigh Uncle Dunkel Dunelweizen 5 20
56 Last Drop Dunkelweizen Munich style Dark Wheat Ale 5.2 14
12 Moa Cocoa Weizen Chocolate Wheat Beer 5.5 n/a
46 Temple Smoked Weizen Hefeweizen & Rauchbier 5.2 18
26 Pinchgut RED PLZ Red Lager 4.6 45
47 Thunder Road Richmond Pilsner New World Style Pilsner 5.1 35
8 Garage Project Double Day of the Dead Strong Black Lager 8 40
37 Holgate Gruit Expectations Belgian ‘Gruit’ Blonde Style 6 n/a
45 Red Hill Sticke Alt Sticke Alt 5.4 40
32 Bridge Road God Save the Lager Imperial Pilsner 7.5 40
31 Boatrocker Aotearoa Smash! California Common 4.7 27
15 Townshend Janszoon Summer Ale UK Session Ale 4.2 n/a
28 St. Peters Spruced Up Ale Christmas Tree Ale 5 n/a
22 Illawarra Saison Rouge Red Saison 6.5 27
42 Mountain Goat Top Paddock Spiced Red Saison 6.5 22
40 Moon Dog Mr Mistoffelees Passionfruit and Mango Wild Ale 6.7 12
35 Hickinbotham HIX Farmhouse Ale 5.2 28
25 Murray’s Bob’s Farmhouse Ale Farmhouse Ale 9 25
29 Wig & Pen This Beer’s Not Real Craft! Sour Blonde 5 6
54 Cowaramup Special Bitter English Style Special Bitter 4.5 38
44 Red Duck Bumble Bee Honey Amber 5.6 n/a
49 Moo Brew Belgo American/Belgian Ale 4.5 n/a
57 Little Creatures / White Rabbit The Little Rabbit Belgian-style Ale 6.9 37
24 Lord Nelson Last Consignment American Brown Ale 5 26
19 Barry Cranston Brown Dog Australian Brown Ale 5 42
14 Renaissance Stonecutter Oak Scotch Ale (Oak Aged) 7 38
1 Croucher ANZUS IPA 2.7 26
4 mike’s Heavy Petal Rose IPA 5.5 35
16 Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta Tea-leafed IPA 6 50
2 Epic Zythos IPA 6 50
60 Nail Sledgehammer IPA American IPA 5.5 55
20 Doctor’s Orders Plasma White IPA 7 70
9 Golden Bear Manly Impulse IPA 6.5 80
33 Bright Resistance Red Ale IRA 7.2 50
53 Bootleg Brewery Black Market American Black IPA 5.8 45
21 HopDog Children of Darkness Barrelled Black IPA 6.6 75-80
6 8 Wired C4 Double Brown Ale with Coffee 8.4 50
5 Tuatara Double Trouble Double American IPA 5.5 35
51 Steam Exchange / Lobethal Double Dubbel IPA Double Dubbel IPA 6.6 42
59 The Monk Sweet Potato Porter A variation on USA-style pumpkin beer 5.8 35
48 True South Coconut Telegraph Porter Coconut Porter 6 25
23 Little Brewing Wicked Elf Porter Robust Porter 6 n/a
13 The Mussel Inn Smoking Swine Smoked Manuka Beer 5 36
50 Seven Sheds Black Elephant Black Trappist-style Ale 7.8 25
18 4 Pines Beetroot Belgian Ale Strong Belgian Ale 8.5 30
34 Grand Ridge Sarsaparilla Stout Stout 4 29
58 Mash Koffee Stout Dry Irish Stout 4.3 n/a
52 McLaren Vale VALE/EXP Foreign Extra Stout 5.5 n/a
39 Matilda Bay Double Stout Double Stout 6.8 40
11 Invercargill Red Hot Chocolate Chilli Stout 5 15
41 Mornington Peninsula Grouch Imperial American Amber Ale 8 42
3 Liberty S!mcoe Imperial IPA 8 100+
7 Emerson’s Kashmir Pilsner Imperial Pilsner with Chilli 7 100
30 2 Brothers / Diamond Knott Bloody Oak English-Style Barleywine 9.7 n/a
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Southern Style Chicken Parma

Not sure where the inspiration for this came from… Was probably from @tifdownunder picking on @parmadaze about eating too much parma… And her being American.. and somehow the idea of doing a souther style chicken parma grew in my head… Yeah I’m weird like that….




  • About 500g of Chicken, I used Thighs.. I know… Not exactly a parma cut but oh so tasty
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 1tsp of oregano
  • 1 tbs garlic powder
  • 1/2 tbs of Thyme
  • 1 tbs of ground ginger
  • 1/2 tbs of basil
  • 1 tbs of Celery salt
  • 1 tbs of black pepper
  • 1 tbs of dry mustard
  • 4 tbs of paprika
  • Cornflake crumbs
  • Ham slices
  • Bertoli Parma Sauce
  • Grated Cheese
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 cups of milk



  1. Preheat oven to 180c
  2. Grease an oven proof dish
  3. In a bowl, combine all the herb’s and spices
  4. In a second bowl place a good wack of the cornflake crumbs
  5. In a third bowl beat the egg then mix in the milk.
  6. Place the chicken in the egg mixture and ensure it is well soaked
  7. Then dip it in the crumbs, then again in to the spices ensuring that it is well covered.
  8. Place chicken in greased oven tray.
  9. Repeat until all the chicken is done.
  10. Cover the grease proof dish with foil and bake for about 30 min, remove the foil, and then for a further 20-30 minutes.
  11. Fire up the grill.
  12. Take chicken and place on a plate that can go in the grill, cover with ham, parma sauce and cheese and grill until cheese has browned.


Serve with a good IPA :)

Cooking times vary depending on the chicken you use. Thighs are much thinner then breast so obviously cook quicker. The bertoli parma sauce actually had a decent flavour for a jar based pasta/simmer sauce.  And I do love the flavour/texture of the cornflake crumbs over standard breadcrumbs, no reason you can used whatever sauce or crumbs you like :D

The original recipe I stole the dry mix from also called for MSG, I couldnt find any at my local supermarket and I’m not sure I care, or that it needs it. But if you want to add it, its 2tbs of MSG.

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Slowbeer Haul 7/10/2011

  1. Victory Baltic Thunder
  2. Victory Hop Wallop
  3. Victory Prima Pils
  4. Victory HopDevil
  5. Victory Storm King Imperial Stout
  6. Victory Yakima Glory Ale
  7. Victory V Twelve
  8. Moylans Norcal IPA
  9. Moylans Tipperary Pale Ale
  10. Shmaltz Messiah Bold
  11. Shmaltz Genesis Ale
  12. Beer Here Kama Citra
  13. Amager Rated XxX
  14. 2 x Red Hill Scotch Ale
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Slowbeer Haul 8/9/2011


First haul of spring:

  1. Moylan’s Danny’s Irish Style Red Ale
  2. Moylan’s Hopsickle
  3. Moylan’s Ryan Sullivans Imperial Stout
  4. 8 Wired The Sultan Belgian Style Quad
  5. Bridge Rd Galaxy Single Hop IPA
  6. Bridge Rd Stella Single Hop IPA
  7. Epic Hop Zombie
  8. Haand Odin’s Tipple Dark Norse Ale
  9. Brouwerij De Molen Rasputin
  10. Little creatures Dreadnaught
  11. Mountain Goat Seven Seeds
  12. Beer Here Yule wine
  13. Brooklyn BRewery Local 1
  14. Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest
  15. Brewdog Abstrakt AB:06

Oh and a nice Hopus Glass

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Slowbeer 29/07/2011

Another visit to slowbeer:

  1. Mike’s Coffee Porter
  2. Mike’s Imperial Porter
  3. Mountain Goat Rarebreed Surefoot Stout
  4. Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12
  5. Harviestoun Ola Dubh 16
  6. Harviestoun Ola Dubh 30
  7. Harviestoun Ola Dubh 40
  8. Brewdog Alice Porter
  9. Brewdog Avery Brown Dredge
  10. Brewdog Bitch Please
  11. Mikkeller Koppi Coffee IPA
  12. Mikkeller Green Gold
  13. Sightings American Pale Ale
  14. Burleight Brewings Fanny Gertrudes Bikkie Beer
  15. Beer Here Jule IPA
  16. Kooinda Black IPA

Also picked up my bottle of Red Hill Imperial Stout which Red Hill brewery kindly  gave me as a gift. It’s a cracking stout too :D

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Slowbeer Haul 30/6/11

Another month, another trip to slowbeer

  1. Sightings American Pale Ale
  2. NZ Colab Mashup
  3. Prickley Moses The Raconteur and Black Panther IBA
  4. 2 x Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA
  5. Hitachno Nest RedRice & Japenese Classic Ale
  6. Vivian Imperial Ipa & Porter
  7. Murray’s Heart of Darkness, Wild Thing & Shawn’s Fault IBA
  8. La Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Trpel
  9. Koinda Full Nelson
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